Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hello, Everyone

Today i want to talk about movies and the meaning & concepts behind them. Are they just fiction based or some of things that are happening in the movie could become a part of reality. For instance I recently watched two movies that had me thinking. The first movie was Repo Man. It was based upon a company who makes artificial organ like hearts, lungs, spline, livers, and other human body parts. I thought wow, that is interesting. If you were in need of an organ you would not have to be on any waiting list to receive an artificial organ. The down fall about that in the movie is in order to receive an artificial organ you must finance it. For example like a car note or a mortgage and when you default on those what happens, your car and home are repossessed. That is what happens to people organs that are financed in the movie. If you miss a payment or payments, they will repossessed your organs. They could come and take the organ right out your body, any time and any place. Could you imagine that happening in real life? The next movie was called Splice. It was about combining different animals DNA together. When they did so they created a creature that produced a substance that can help cure diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's. and some cancers. If they were to add some human DNA they could produce more of the substance more efficiently. The people of the project denied the input of human DNA but, two of their scientists decided to do it anyway. When they combined the human DNA with different animals DNA they created something that had humans features and animal instinct. The experiment was a success until the creature became aggressive and uncontrollable. My point is, are movies just someones imagination and fictional stories? Could these movie ideals be made up on the possibilities of events happening in the future? What do think? I think so.

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